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Gib Hochstrasser Memorial


This page is dedicated to the memory of Gib Hochstrasser, the first elected president of the Idaho Jazz Society, and a leader in Big Band jazz in Idaho for many years until his death in 1999.


Tim Woodward, in an article in the Idaho Statesman (September 24, 2008) rightly lamented that there was "no public memorial to Gib Hochstrasser in the city where he spent his life and became its most beloved band leader".  Woodward suggested several possiblities for a memorial, and the Idaho Jazz Society took the lead in this by creating a special memorial fund.


A special fund-raising concert on December 7, 2008, featuring vocalist Emily Braden was a huge success in getting the ball rolling.  An additional special thanks goes to Jim Reed, a classmate and long-time friend of Gib's.  Jim contacted many of Gib's remaining classmates, and raised substantial funds.  Thanks to all these funds, and other special donations from Idaho Jazz Society members and friends, we now have a memorial monument in Gib's honor.


This bronze and stone monument is now a reality!  It is located just outside the Morrison Center on the Greenbelt side of the new patio area.  It was dedicated on Sunday, Sept 13, 2009.  The ceremony included a wonderful performance by the Kings of Swing (the band led by Gib for many years).  We encourage everyone to come by and have a look.  Several photos of the monument and dedication ceremony can be seen on our Photo Gallery page.